Up the Ladder

Up the Ladder

Up the LadderUp the Ladder is a brand new program designed to bring the fun of Bedtime Math’s wildly popular afterschool club, Crazy 8s, into the third grade classroom. It takes many of the high-energy, engaging activities from Crazy 8s, and retools them to teach critical third-grade topics in a tangible way that strengthens future learning.

Up the Ladder will offer third grade teachers approximately 15-20 standards-aligned activities to teach alongside the corresponding lessons in their chosen curricula. The program will help students see multiplication, division, fractions and measurement in a whole new light, building a foundation of skills that is essential for future success in math.

We will be partnering with a limited number of districts to launch this program in 2017-18, focusing on New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Spearheading this project for Bedtime Math are Laura Overdeck, Founder and President, and Liz Ross, Director of Outreach. In addition, Anu Malipatil, Director of Education for the Overdeck Family Foundation and Catherine Miller, Crazy 8s Ambassador are serving as advisors for Up the Ladder.

If your school is interested in participating, please email Liz Ross at liz@bedtimemath.org.

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