On Your Mark, Get Set… Read! Summer of Numbers 2016

On Your Mark, Get Set… Read! Summer of Numbers 2016

Summer of Numbers makes it easy to add a little math to your library’s summer reading program:

  • Libraries hand out fun charts and star stickers along with summer reading logs.
  • Bedtime Math posts a new math problem every night on our website and our free app.
  • Every time kids do a Bedtime Math problem, they add another star to their chart.
  • At the end of the summer, kids bring their charts back to the library for a prize!

It’s that easy! Want to hear what others think? Read testimonials from pioneering librarians who helped launch Summer of Numbers in 2013!

A word about incentives…
And by the way, we definitely recommend that you offer kids an incentive for doing Summer of Numbers, whether it’s our frisbee, another prize, or just the chance to have their constellations posted on a library wall. Our pilot showed that a reward makes kids much more likely to try Summer of Numbers – and that’s our goal!
Ready to join the movement? Here’s how:
CSLP Members
iReads Participants and other libraries

CSLP MembersSoNCSLP 2016
We’re proud to partner again with the Collaborative Summer Library Program. New this year, we’re offering a special reading record with a Summer of Numbers chart on the back, making it easy to encourage both reading AND math to highlight the 2016 CSLP theme, On Your Mark, Get Set… Read!

Download and print free promotional materials to make sharing Summer of Numbers with your patrons easy! Hand out this flyer with the Constellation Charts to explain how Summer of Numbers works. Create excitement about Summer of Numbers by printing and displaying our fun poster, available in multiple sizes:

May 2016 calendariReads Participants and other libraries
Not a member of CSLP? You can still offer Summer of Numbers at your library by printing our fun monthly calendars and inviting kids to try our website or app. Click here to open the printable file pictured here, or click here for the “ink saver” version on white background.

Want to share Summer of Numbers with your local library? This flyer has all the info they’ll need.

On Your Mark, Get Set…
Click here to order your Summer of Numbers materials today.

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