Get Ready for Road Trips with Our Math On the Go Printable!

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Get Ready for Road Trips with Our Math On the Go Printable!

June 2, 2014

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When summer heats up, we all seem to spend more time in the car โ€“ whether taking a long road trip, or just running between appointments and activities and accordion lessons. Fortunately, we’ve got some number games sure to keep the backseat bunch happy. Click here to download our Math On the Go Printableย and enjoy these activities:

In A Road Trip Moo-d

Keep your eyes peeled for 4-legged friends to add up points with prizes at stake in this goofy game.

License to Thrill

Count some lucky numbers and make some rules of your own in a license plate lotto.


Use creative math to combine numbers off of license plates, and be the first to complete a row and yell “Car-go!” in this mobile spin on Bingo.

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