Swashbucklin’ Sums Printable

Swashbucklin’ Sums Printable

September 1, 2014

Ahoy, mateys! Mathbeard be me name, and I’m here to clear up a rumor about the favorite letter of me and me pirate crew. I can understand how ye landlubbers would think our favorite letter is R, but it’s actually the C.

Yo ho ho! Ye have the good fortune of only hearin’ me one joke, since I’m late for the annual Buccaneer’s Black Hat Ball, where I’m leadin’ the sea shanty chorus. But I’ll bestow ye with a treasure trove of booty – lively games to keep young sea dogs as merry as a mermaid in our Swashbucklin’ Sums Printable.

Squeak ye mouse below to set sail on these three games.

Swab Ye Deck

Ping-pong balls be fine in a basement, but on a deck full of peg-legs they’re a recipe for disaster (just like Blackbeard’s infamous crossbones cookies). Keep ye crew safe and earn points by corrallin’ odd ‘n even ping-pong balls!


Bring ye appetite and stack ye rations as high as the main mast in this twisted challenge!

The New Planking Craze

Thar’s one good reason to walk the plank – to feed the hungry beasts of the deep. Find out how many fathoms ye can flip fish food using the true tool of pirates: the spatula!

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