Yarn Laser Maze and Other Fun Activities

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Yarn Laser Maze and Other Fun Activities

December 11, 2013

Your children have a special mission. They must successfully navigate their way through a maze of lasers and be careful not to touch it. If they fail, they risk injury. If they succeed, they will be heroes!

In the Yarn Laser Maze, your kids are secret agents who need to save someone on the other side of a laser obstacle. Of course, in this case the lasers they need to maneuver their bodies through are made of yarn, but with a bit of imagination, they become more exciting and dangerous.

Find a location in your house where you can set up a yarn laser game. A hallway might work well, but a room with a lot of furniture could work, too. Weave the yarn around different items in the room. Make fun angles that the kids will have to weave their bodies in and out of to get to the other side. Create and name shapes that they climb, crawl, and weave their bodies through and have them compete with their own personal record to see who can beat their times.

Of course, you can do more with the yarn when the maze has been conquered. Time how long it takes to roll the “laser beams” back into a ball. Who can do it the fastest? Whose ball is the largest? Smallest?

More yarn games

If you think that cats go crazy around yarn, wait until you see children around it. There is just something magnetic and wondrous about a ball of yarn that compels children to investigate. Kids love to unroll balls of yarn, stretch them out, and figure out games to play. This is the story of my life as someone that knits and crochets. My kids are always interested in my skeins of yarn once I make them into balls. So rather than stop the kids from playing with the yarn, I give their own for a day of play

Start with winding games. Older children can compete to see who can wind a ball of yarn the fastest. Younger children may have more difficulty with this, but certainly can unwind the balls the fastest. If you are worried about the yarn getting knotted, have them unwind the yarn onto an empty paper towel or gift wrap tube. Kids who like to count will appreciate the challenge of counting how many times the ball of yarn winds around the tube.

If you have a staircase in your house, try rolling games with the yarn. Which ball of yarn will go down the stairs the fastest? Do all of the balls of yarn unravel as they go? Make some predictions and try different situations. If you do not have stairs to make this work, create some inclines with blocks, couch cushions, pillows, and other items on hand.

Make some fun yarn art pictures with glue and construction paper. Dive back into your childhood and teach your children how to play Cat’s Cradle with yarn. There are countless ways to encourage math fun and play with a simple ball of yarn.

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