Our Friends and Partners

Our Friends and Partners

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on a diverse group of community organizations to help us achieve our mission. These are our fellow trailblazers, helping us spread the word and share the fun with kids across the country. We are especially grateful for the partnership of the following organizations. Thanks to their tireless efforts, more kids across the country are learning to love math.

In addition to the organizations listed below, we are proud to partner with many local libraries, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA’s, PTA’s/PTO’s, and after-school programs now offering Crazy 8s in their local communities.

American Library Association University of Chicago Johns Hopkins University Liberty Science Center
Museum of Math National PTA NJSACC PASE
Boston Children's Museum Victoria Foundation

We are also grateful for the support of the many school districts across the country participating in our Early STEM Math Commitment, and the partnership of many local organizations who helped bring this program to each region.

Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance New York City Department of Education Newark Public Schools TRSA VC STEM

For more information about how your organization can get involved, contact Diana Pecina, Director of Partnerships, at diana@bedtimemath.org.

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