Math in a Snap Photo Challenge: Can You Find Shapes in Nature?

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Math in a Snap Photo Challenge: Can You Find Shapes in Nature?

August 9, 2013

If you keep up with our nightly math problems you may already have the inside scoop on our Math in a Snap photo campaign. Yes, we’re launching our first challenge this month with the theme Find Cool Shapes in Nature. We’re asking our Bedtime Math fans, even our littlest ones, to head outside with a camera (and some adult help) to photograph math shapes in nature. This weekend or in the waning days of summer, we’re challenging you to spot geometric shapes out in the world. Circles, spirals, squares – they’re all out there.

Whether you head out on a nature walk or visit a local park, we know that there’s math to be found.

Take a photo and send it to before the end of August and we’ll  post on the Bedtime Math website for all the world to see! Include your child’s first name if he or she would like credit. Click here to join in the fun!

Need help getting started? Look for simple circles, like the full moon, the centers of flowers, or the rings in a puddle when you drop a stone in it. Or how about pinecones shells which have a cool spiral shape that comes from adding together bigger and bigger numbers (called Fibonacci numbers). Lots of flowers grow in 5-pointed stars, and honeycombs have hexagons. That’s just the start – see what you can find and send it in!

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