Make a Braided Duct Tape Bracelet

Make a Braided Duct Tape Bracelet

August 20, 2014

When my kids are bouncing off the walls on a rainy day, I break out the emergency craft supplies. Duct tape is one of my go-to items. You can make you can make just about everything with it! My kids love looking at the crazy pictures of duct tape prom dresses. Since my crew is younger, though, our projects are a little less ambitious. One indoor crafting day we made woven duct tape bracelets.

How to Make a Braided Duct Tape Bracelet

1. It’s hard to wrap a ruler around a wrist, so use string to measure around the wearer’s wrist and then add another two inches. (You need the leeway for braiding.)

2. Cut three lengths of duct tape the same length of your string.

3. For each strip of tape, fold lengthwise, turning one third down towards the sticky side.

4. Fold the other side up so that you now have a strip one third the width of the original strip with no sticky part showing.

5. Once all three are folded, clip the three strips together at one end with a binder clip or tape down.

6. Braid the three strips. (A braid is a type of pattern!)

7. Finish off the end with a thin strip of tape.

8. Measure on the wearer’s wrist again and trim the bracelet to fit. If you want to be able to slip the bracelet on and off, make sure you leave enough room.

9. Finish off the other end with another thin strip of tape.

10. Add closures to the ends. We used small jewelry magnets.

This fancy bracelet can also double as a measuring tape!

Lay the bracelet out flat next to a ruler. How long is it? Now you’ve got a handy measuring tape or ruler. For even more measuring convenience, add stickers or thin strips of tape to the bracelet to mark off every inch or centimeter. Now that you have a portable, ruler, you can have knowledge and knowledge is power. Wondering how tall sunflower is? Curious to know how big that library book is? Want to know how long your fork is? The answer is right there at your fingertips, err, wrist.

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Photo courtesy of Candace Lindemann

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