Bedtime Math

Bedtime Math’s mission is simple: to help kids love math the way they love playtime or dessert.  It’s especially critical in a country where so many people dread math! To turn this around, we need to spread the word as far as possible. It all started with the daily math problem as a new version of the bedtime story, with tens of thousands of people enjoying it. Now we’ve expanded to our new hands-on after-school offering, Crazy 8s Club, which we think will catch like wildfire!

If there are kids in your life, you can join the Bedtime Math movement to make math a natural, fun part of kids’ everyday lives. Find out below how you can be a part of it.

Families: Enjoy Bedtime Math with your kids – sign up for Bedtime Math, get the Bedtime Math calendar, and more.  You might end up liking math more yourself, too!

Schools: Start an after-school Crazy 8s club, spread the word to parents – you can inspire them to love math and set a great example.

Libraries: Become the go-to place for kids to enjoy hands-on math with each other, using Crazy 8s, Summer of Numbers, and more!

About Bedtime Math
Bedtime Math is a nonprofit operating foundation, funded by charitable donations made by private donors and the proceeds of both Bedtime Math books. The foundation’s resources are used to advance the mission of helping kids learn to love math. As a private operating foundation, Bedtime Math funds its own charitable activities, such as publishing the daily math problem and the parents’ blog, and producing programs like Crazy 8s and Summer of Numbers.

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