Don’t Worry, Be Mappy: Geography Math Printable Activity Pages

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Don’t Worry, Be Mappy: Geography Math Printable Activity Pages

November 3, 2014

Any time is a good time to explore our surroundings, but autumn’s crunchy leaves and crisp air make it extra tempting. That’s why we celebrate National Geographic’s Geography Awareness Week every third week in November (the 16th-22nd in 2014). To mark the occasion, we’ve got some marvelous geography math activities – and you won’t need safari gear or heavy winter coats to enjoy them!

Geography Math Activities

Click to download our Don’t Worry, Be Mappy! printable activity pages featuring these 3 games:

Getting to the Point

Make your own compass to keep your bearings as you wander and wonder!

Surveying Your Kingdom

Map your home so that you’ll know how far in each direction you can roam.

Racing Off the Grid

Plot your moves carefully in cardinal directions to move from “Home” base to the finish line first!

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