Make Summer Nights Shine with Glow Sticks

Make Summer Nights Shine with Glow Sticks

June 25, 2014

Glow sticks magically light up summer nights. I love watching my kids spin and twirl while smiling, laughing and leaving a luminescent trail. One moment, they are lightning bugs flitting around the grass, then they are making their own glow fireworks display while madly spinning around.

Grab your stash of glow sticks and bracelets, and try these activities for a glowing good time!

Glow Stick Fairy Jars

To make a Fairy Jar you will need:

  • glow sticks
  • jar or container with wide opening
  • scissors or wire cutter
  • glitter or “diamond/glamour dust”


This is a great outdoor activity because it can get a bit messy. Crack the glow stick and give it a shake to make it glow. Now carefully cut off one end. Adults should cut open glow sticks because they are tricky. You made need to channel your inner super hero to do this—it takes a lot of strength. Pour the glowing liquid inside your jar, noting that larger jars may require two glow sticks, and maneuver the jar to coat the entire inner surface area. Add enough glitter so the bright liquid does not move as quickly and looks more like a glitter river. The thicker, more viscous mixture does a better job of sticking to the sides. Put the top onto the jar and get ready.

Move to a very dark area for maximum wow. Shake the jar around and watch what happens! The liquid sparkles and shimmers like you have captured your very own fairy with pixie dust. Who can get the fairy to shimmer the longest? Time it and see if twirling the pixie dust in a certain way makes it glow brighter and last longer.

Glow Bowling

Let’s make our own glow in the dark bowling alley. You need six or ten plastic water bottles to use as pins. Arrange the bottles in a triangle shape with a point facing your bowlers, as you see in a bowling alley. Glow bracelets work beautifully for this game. Activate two or more bracelets for each bottle and place them inside. Add water to the bottles and close them up.

To keep track of your score, bring out a cup with each bowlers name on it. Have pennies, beads, or other little items to add to your cup for each pin that is knocked over. When finished bowling, count your total for the game.

Glow Bubbles

Break open a glow stick and pour it into you’re a clear container that’s filled with bubble mixture. Although the bubbles themselves will not glow in the dark, your container will light up your night.

There’s more glow stick fun, along with other zany math projects in Bedtime Math’s new Crazy 8s Math Club! Click to learn more.

Photos courtesy of Beth Levine

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