A McNugget That Made History

A McNugget That Made History

September 9, 2020

Chicken McNuggets aren’t anything fancy. But one McNugget became very famous for its looks. Rebekah Speights was eating at a McDonald’s in Nebraska, and found a piece of chicken that looked exactly like George Washington! Can you see his eyes and nose, and the back of his wig? She posted a picture of it on the eBay website, and someone actually paid $8,100 to buy it. Rebekah didn’t keep the money — she gave it to a church in her town, which is nice. What’s funny is that she’d already had the McNugget for 3 years before selling it. We hope whoever bought it didn’t try to eat it.

Wee ones: If you’ve eaten 2 McNuggets so far, what numbers do you say for the next 3 that you eat?

Little kids: If you’re eating McNuggets and the  2nd looks like a Pokemon character, and so do the 4th and 6th…what’s the next McNugget that looks like a Pokemon?  Bonus: By the time you’ve eaten 10 McNuggets, how many have you eaten that look like Pokemon characters?

Big kids: If the McNugget sold for $8,100 but Rebekah paid $10 for the box of them, how much extra money did she end up with?  Bonus: If the Washington McNugget sold for $8,100, but a Lincoln one sells for only half, for how much does it sell?











Wee ones: 3, 4, 5.

Little kids: The 8th.  Bonus: 5 McNuggets.

Big kids: $8,090.  Bonus: $4,050.

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