That Dress Is Trash!

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That Dress Is Trash!

May 18, 2017

It’s good to recycle your trash instead of throwing it out. But it’s even better if you can just wear it. Every spring, lots of big kids go to special dances called proms, and need to wear special clothes. So a few kids have decided to wear trash. Maura Pozek made her dress from Dorito bags. Another girl, Regan Kerr, made her dress using 5,000 pop tabs from soda cans. It took her 5 months to make it, but hopefully she didn’t drink all that soda herself!

Wee ones: Dorito bags are rectangle-shaped: they have 4 sides. Find 3 rectangle shapes in your room.

Little kids: If you use 20 blue Dorito bags and 30 orange Dorito bags, of which color do you have more? Bonus: How many more? You can count up to find out!

Big kids: If Regan started her 5-month dress project in the middle of November, would she have finished by mid-May? Bonus: If Regan and 9 friends drank those 5,000 cans of soda, and split them equally, how many cans did each person drink?

The sky’s the limit: If Regan started drinking 50 cans of soda per week 1 year earlier, would she have built up 5,000 pop tabs in time for prom?



Wee ones: Items might include books, doors, windows, and blankets.

Little kids: More orange bags. Bonus: 10 more orange bags.

Big kids: Yes. She would have finished in April. Bonus: 500 cans.

The sky’s the limit: Not quite. There are 52 weeks in a year, so she would have drunk only 2,600 cans. She’d need to drink about twice as many!

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Laura Overdeck

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