Bug-Sized Book

Bug-Sized Book

November 11, 2020

There’s something nice about turning the pages of a fresh new book full of pictures. Well, that all feels a little different when the book is barely 1/8 of an inch wide! A couple of years ago, librarians found one of the world’s teeniest books hidden in a college library. As you can see in the photo, it’s about the size of a ladybug. The words are so tiny that you need a magnifying glass to read them. This book happens to be a chapter from the Bible, but the same library has 4,000 other mini-books, too. If you want to stop by for an hour of two of reading, you’d better bring extra-strong glasses.

Wee ones: Look at a book in your room. What shape is the cover?

Little kids: If you put a mini-book on the tip of each of your fingers but not your thumbs, how many mini-books are you holding?  Bonus: If instead you fit 10 mini-books in each of your 2 pockets and another 10 under your hat, now how many books are you carrying?

Big kids: If you’re taking 100 mini-books off the shelf and can grab 10 at a time, how many handfuls does it take to grab them all?  Bonus: The teeny book has a “big sister” book, an exact copy that is 1 and 3/8 inches wide. How many teeny books could fit across the big sister book, if the little one is 1/8 inch wide? (Hint if needed: How many of the 1/8-inch books can fit across just 1 inch?)











Wee ones: Most books have a rectangle cover, or if all 4 sides are the same length, it’s square.

Little kids: 8 mini-books.  Bonus: 30 mini-books.

Big kids: 10 handfuls.  Bonus: 11 of them. You can fit 8 of them across that first inch, and then another 3 across the 3/8 inch left.

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