A Record-Breaking Beagle

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A Record-Breaking Beagle

March 29, 2018

It’s always exciting when someone breaks a world record, doing something bigger or faster than anyone. But it’s even more fun when a pet does it. This cute dog holds the world record for running a ball the longest distance. Purin, a 9-year-old beagle, ran while standing on top of a big yellow ball, and her quick little paws rolled it 33 feet (10 meters). She did this in less than 12 seconds, making her the fastest dog to run a ball 10 meters. This is her 2nd world record, as she has also caught more balls with her paws in 1 minute (14 total) than any other dog. What will Purin try next? Baseball? Volleyball? Whatever it is, we hope she’s on our team.

Wee ones: Purin is 9 years old. Is she older or younger than you are, or the same?

Little kids: If you and Purin race, how many legs do you have all together?  Bonus: How many puppies would have to join in for there to be 14 legs all together?

Big kids: If Purin barks when she catches the 3rd ball thrown to her, then the 7th ball, then the 12th… on what ball should she bark again to keep up the pattern? Bonus: If Purin rolled her ball 33 feet in 12 seconds, how long would she take to roll the ball 66 feet at the same speed?

The sky’s the limit: If Purin runs her ball at you at 3 feet per second, and you’re running yours twice as fast toward her from 30 feet away, where will the two of you meet if you started at the same time? (Hint if needed: It doesn’t matter how many feet per second either of you can run…all that matters is that you’re twice as fast!)




Wee ones: Different for everyone…see if your age in years is more than 9 or less than 9, or maybe it’s actually 9!

Little kids: 6 legs.  Bonus: 2 more, to add 8 legs.

Big kids: The 18th ball. She started on 3, then added 4, then 5, so she then adds 6.  Bonus: 24 seconds, since it’s twice as far.

The sky’s the limit: 10 feet from Purin’s starting point. If you run twice as fast, for each part she runs you’ll run 2 parts, making 3 parts total. So she will run 1 of those 3 parts, or 1/3 of 30 feet.

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