Taking “All You Can Eat” to the Max

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Taking “All You Can Eat” to the Max

November 9, 2014

As we’ve talked about here, the restaurant chain Olive Garden stirred up some excitement when they sold $100 all-you-can-eat passes: just $100 to eat as much pasta, salad and bread as you want as often as you want for 7 weeks. Well, they sold those passes a few weeks ago, so now we’re hearing how much the winners have been eating. It turns out a North Carolina man has been using his pass at Olive Garden at least twice a day every day, adding up to 95 meals in 6 weeks! Alan Martin has already eaten over $1,500 of food, and he still has a week to go. Eating $1,500 of food and paying just $100 for it sounds like a great deal, but we’re wondering if after this he’ll ever want to eat pasta again.

Wee ones: If you eat pasta at Olive Garden for breakfast, lunch AND dinner, how many meals do you eat that day?

Little kids: If Alan eats 2 meals there every day, and each meal includes 1 bowl of pasta, 1 salad and 1 breadstick, how many items does he eat each day?  Bonus: If he goes crazy for the breadsticks and instead eats 3 of them each meal, now how many items a day does he eat?

Big kids: If in 6 weeks the guy ate at Olive Garden exactly twice a day every day, how many meals would he have eaten by now?  Bonus: If he’s eaten $1,500 of food so far but paid just $100, how much money has Olive Garden lost on the total bill?

The sky’s the limit: If Alan wanted to eat exactly 100 meals on this pass starting on a Monday, and ate 2 meals every weekday and 3 each weekend day, on what day of the week would he eat his 100th meal?




Wee ones: 3 meals.

Little kids: 6 items.  Bonus: 10 items, because he’s eating 2 more per meal, or 4 more per day.

Big kids: 84 meals.  Bonus: $1,400!

The sky’s the limit: On a Tuesday. Every 7 days he eats 16 meals: 10 on the 5 weekdays, and 6 on the 2 weekend days. So every Sunday night he’s finished a multiple of 16 meals, which means the 96th meal will be a Sunday dinner. That means Monday he eats the 97th and 98th, and Tuesday he eats the 99th and 100th.

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Laura Overdeck

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