The Kid Table

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The Kid Table

December 25, 2018

When families get together for the holidays, sometimes the grown-ups sit at one table, and then there’s a “kid table” for the little people. There’s probably more than one reason for this. Maybe the kid table is lower, so the kids can reach more easily. Maybe the kids are eating different food. Maybe the grown-ups are quieter and want all those loud kids to sit farther away — or maybe the grown-ups aren’t behaving and don’t want the kids to see that. The problem is, what if the number of grown-ups and kids doesn’t match the number of chairs at each table? The meal can get messy fast.

Wee ones: If the kid table has 8 kids at it and the grown-up table has 7 people, which table has more people?

Little kids: If the kids sit boy-girl-boy-girl starting with a boy, is the 5th kid a girl or a boy?  Bonus: How many girls are there then out of 11 kids at the kid table?

Big kids: If the oldest kid is 12 years old and the youngest grown-up is 29, what’s the age gap between the kid table and the grown-up table?  Bonus: If the oldest grown-up is 6 times as old as that oldest kid, how old is the oldest grown-up?

The sky’s the limit: If the youngest grown-up is 7 times as old as the littlest kid, and in 20 years the kid will be half of the grown-up’s age at that time, how old are they right now?










Wee ones: The kid table has more people.

Little kids: A boy.  Bonus: 5 girls (kids 2, 4, 6, 8, 10).

Big kids: 17 years.  Bonus: 72 years old.

The sky’s the limit: If the kid is y years old right now, then the grown-up is 7y. In 20 years, the kid will be y+20, and the grown-up, who will be double that, will be 7y+20. Setting these equal,
2(y + 20) = 7y +20
2y + 40 = 7y + 20
Subtracting 2y and 20 from each side,
20 = 5y so y = 4. The youngest kid is 4 and the grown-up is 28. In 20 years the kid will be 24, half of the grown-up’s new age of 48.

And a big thank-you to our fan Louis H. for the Sky’s the Limit idea!

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Laura Overdeck

Laura Overdeck

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