Party for a Panda

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Party for a Panda

August 8, 2015

Pandas, those big furry black and white walking balls of fluff, are a zoo favorite. They’re also special because they’re endangered, meaning there aren’t many of them on our planet. So it’s very exciting that one panda is breaking the records for living the longest. A couple of weeks ago Jia Jia turned 37 years old, making her the oldest ever panda living in captivity (not in the wild). She had a big party to celebrate there at Ocean Park, an amusement park in Hong Kong. Pandas usually live only about 25 years, about 1/3 as long as a human. So turning 37 is like one of us being more than 110 years old! Jia Jia got a birthday “cake” topped with ice flavored with mint and grenadine, but in the picture she seems more excited about the bamboo sticks, panda’s favorite food. Let’s hope we all get to be as long-living, well-fed and cute as Jia Jia.

Wee ones: What two digits do you see on top of that birthday cake?

Little kids: If Jia Jia shared her birthday cake with 2 other pandas and 4 zookeepers, how many celebrators shared it?  Bonus: How old will Jia Jia turn on her next birthday?

Big kids: If Jia Jia were your age right now, and a “panda year” is 3 human years, how many human years would that be?  Bonus: Jia Jia has lived 37 years, so how old is she really in human years?




Wee ones: 3 and 7.

Little kids: 7 celebrators.  Bonus: 38 years old.

Big kids: Different for everyone…multiply your current age in years by 3.  Bonus: 111 years old!

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Laura Overdeck

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