Spotted on Halloween

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Spotted on Halloween

October 27, 2017

Many families love to decorate for Halloween. If you’re a little creeped out by all those giant spiders and webs on people’s bushes — even though you know 3-foot-wide spiders probably aren’t real — you can try something a little less yucky and a little more colorful. We’re loving this idea from the Momma Owl’s Lab blog: Take a paper towel tube, punch little holes in it with a holepuncher, then stick a handful of glowsticks inside — those glowsticks you normally connect end to end to make a glowing bracelet or headband for yourself. Then take your polka-dotted decorations outside and put them on top of your bushes. Of course, that doesn’t stop you from putting out big spiders and webs with them, but if you’d rather not freak yourself out while decorating, the glowsticks might be the ticket. Just remember, glowsticks last only a few hours once you snap them, so you’ll have to wait till Halloween itself!

Wee ones: How many glowsticks outside the tube can you see in the picture?

Little kids: If you grab 5 orange glowsticks and 4 yellow ones, how many do you have?  Bonus: If you took those glowsticks from a pack of 50, how many are left in there to make glow-in-the-dark bracelets?

Big kids: If you punch 7 holes in each paper tube (all on one side so you can see them all), how many glowing spots can you get by filling 8 tubes with glowsticks? (Hint if needed: Multiplying by 8 is like doubling a number 3 times in a row.)  Bonus: If a real spider is normally just 1/2 inch wide and the big decoration ones are 26 times as wide, how wide is the fake spider?










Wee ones: 4 glowsticks.

Little kids: 9 glowsticks.  Bonus: 41 glowsticks.

Big kids: 56 spots.  Bonus: 13 inches.

And thank you to blogger Rachel Ford for this great idea!

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Laura Overdeck

Laura Overdeck

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