Rock Star Robot

Rock Star Robot

July 20, 2020

People who play the guitar well can make amazing music. Well, here’s a robot that can jam, too. Fastythefastcat built a robot out of Lego Mindstorms pieces that strums the guitar — and plays a real song! As we see in this video, a robot arm with a tooth-shaped tip drags across the strings; at the other end, 6 Lego pieces take turns pushing down the strings in the right spots to play different sets of notes, called “chords.” Next thing we know, the robot’s going to ask for a trumpet.

Wee ones: What numbers would you say to count the 6 strings on that guitar?

Little kids: If the robot needs 6 “fingers” to press on the strings and 1 more finger to play them, how many fingers touch the strings?  Bonus: In the verses the robot plays just 3 chords (sets of musical notes): A minor, F, C, then it returns to A minor to repeat. Which chord is the 8th chord it plays?

Big kids: If the robot uses 8 gears and twice as many beams (stick pieces), how many total pieces is that?  Bonus: If the robot repeated this 4-chord set the whole time — A minor, F, C, G — which chord would be the 80th one played?




Wee ones: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Little kids: 7 “fingers.”  Bonus: F.

Big kids: 24 pieces, since it uses 16 beams.  Bonus: G, since 80 is a multiple of 4 and G lands on all the multiples of 4.

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