How to Type a Smiley Face

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How to Type a Smiley Face

November 1, 2018

For thousands of years, people have used letters like A, B, C to write words. Then came those teeny shapes like periods and exclamation points to jazz things up. Then someone thought to type a colon and parenthesis to make a smiley face, like this :) Now our computers and phones give us fully colored faces we can type, called emoji. There are emoji for every feeling you could have, plus animals, sports equipment, and foods like tacos. So our fan Jordan F. asked, how many emoji are there, and how many new ones join them each year? Already we have 2,823 different emoji, with about 150 new ones added this summer. No matter how you feel when you write to your buddy, you can find the perfect face to tack on!

Wee ones: The first emoji were bright yellow. Try to spot 4 bright yellow things in your room.

Little kids: How many letters do you have in your first name?  Bonus: If you swapped in an emoji for the 1st letter and every other letter after that, how many emoji would be part of your new cool name?

Big kids: If of the 41 most recent emoji there were 20 sports items and 10 foods, how many emoji were other crazy things?  Bonus: If 1/3 of the first 1,800 emoji are basically happy, how many happy emoji do we have? (Hint if needed: What if there were just 18 emoji in total?)

The sky’s the limit: If we have 2,823 emoji right now, and we get 70 new ones on January 1, 2019, and 70 more each Jan. 1 after that, when would we finally have more than 3,000 emoji?












Wee ones: Answers can include crayons, markers, T-shirts, socks, or stuffed animals.

Little kids: Different for everyone…count the letters in your first name!  Bonus: Again, different for everyone…count up just the odd-numbered letters (1, 3, 5, 7, and so on).

Big kids: 11 other emoji.  Bonus: 600 happy emoji.

The sky’s the limit: On January 1, 2021. We would have 2,893 on 1/1/19 and 2,963 on 1/1/20.

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Laura Overdeck

Laura Overdeck

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