Educators – Summer of Numbers

Educators – Summer of Numbers

Did you know that the “summer slide” is even more severe for math than reading? It’s true. Research shows that kids fall behind over the summer and have to relearn simple math skills in the fall.

The good news: you can make a difference – and you don’t have to be a math whiz yourself! Just share this flyer and the constellation charts below. Bedtime Math posts a new math problem every night on our website and our free app. Every time kids do a Bedtime Math problem, they add another star to their chart. It’s fun and free for the whole school community!

SoN Constellation Chart SoN Constellation Chart Ink-Saver
Constellation Chart – Full-Color Constellation Chart – Ink Saver

At the end of the summer, reward kids with our official Bedtime Math Superstar certificate, available in full color or in an “ink saver” version.

SoN Certificate SoN Certificate Ink-Saver
Certificate – Full-Color Certificate – Ink Saver
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