Educators: Summer of Numbers

Educators: Summer of Numbers

Share Bedtime Math’s Summer of Numbers with your families, and help add a little math to their summer reading. It’s fun and free for the whole school community!

At the end of the school year, hand out this flyer and our fun constellation chart below, available in full color or in an “ink saver” version. Bedtime Math posts a new math problem every night on our website and our free app. Every time kids do a Bedtime Math problem, they add another star to their chart.

SoN Constellation Chart SoN Constellation Chart Ink-Saver
Constellation Chart – Full-Color Constellation Chart – Ink Saver

At the end of the summer, kids bring back their charts to school. Reward kids with our official Bedtime Math Superstar certificate, available in full color or in an “ink saver” version.

SoN Certificate SoN Certificate Ink-Saver
Certificate – Full-Color Certificate – Ink Saver

Haven’t heard about our Parents Count Initiative? Click here to learn more.

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