Daily Math for Libraries

Daily Math for Libraries

We all know to read to our kids at night – but what about math? Just as the bedtime story leads kids to love books and reading for pleasure, a daily math problem can help kids have fun with numbers.

Why does it matter whether kids like math? Studies show that math anxiety causes people to perform worse in math despite their skills, whereas people who enjoy numbers perform better. As adults, our kids will need math to make smart decisions daily. Being comfortable with numbers will help them thrive in daily life.

Every day Bedtime Math sends out a wacky math problem about topics kids love: flamingos, pillow forts, your underwear rotation. They show that math is a playful part of daily life, and can help kids embrace math and excel at it. It’s so easy to weave our daily math and mischief into storytime, and to share our free resources with your littlest patrons. Here’s how!

Best of all, we also have our books whose lively pictures become more unhinged with each turn of the page. Click here to learn more!

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