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Crazy 8s - Bouncy Dice
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Bedtime Math is excited to announce Crazy 8s, a brand new, over-the-top after-school club designed to get kids fired up about math. Every week they get to build stuff, run and jump, make music, make a mess… and make friendships at the same time. It’s time for math to become the cool thing to do after school.

Here’s how it works

As part of our nonprofit mission, Bedtime Math has created a free kit of materials and instructions that brings math to life. Each kit is designed for 10-20 kids: enough to make it fun, but still manageable for a grown-up! Choose your age level: preK, grades K-2 and grades 3-5, all of which feature the same lively hands-on themes. Clubs can take place at schools, libraries and other after-school community programs. Any youngster who likes math should have the chance to enjoy it.

Crazy 8s clubs meet on a weekly basis for 8 weeks (4 weeks for preschool), with mischief-making activities like Bouncy Dice Explosion and Toilet Paper Olympics. It’s time to make math club the cool thing to do. For that reason, Crazy 8s is not meant to meet during the regular school day… if we find out the materials are being used in the classroom, we’ll track you down and toilet-paper your house. Seriously. :)

Nearly all materials needed are in the free kit, and it’s easy to coach! Bedtime Math provides simple instructions, as well as materials you can use to promote your club. We’ll even give you a shopping list and gear to help the kids continue the math fun at home.


Crazy 8s is totally new, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been road-tested. Over 1,000 kids enthusiastically participated in Crazy 8s clubs at 40 pilot locations during winter 2014. Click here to read what our coaches had to say!

Interested in launching your own club?

If you’re interested in coaching a Crazy 8s after-school club, tell us more here.

Want to sign up your child?

If you’re a parent and want to see a Crazy 8s club in your town, here’s a one-page flyer you can share with your school or library.

Anything else?

Questions? Check out our Crazy 8s FAQs; or, for more information or supporting educational materials, email us at

Also, a big THANK YOU to all of the coaches (and kids!) who helped test the Crazy 8s Season One activities.

Crazy 8s: It’s nothing like your usual math club!

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