How Crazy is the Crazy 8s Club?

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How Crazy is the Crazy 8s Club?

September 16, 2014

In celebration of our new Crazy 8s Club, we asked our Facebook fans to caption a photo from one of our Crazy 8s Club activities. We were amazed by the creative captions and couldn’t wait to share a few of our favorites.

Top 8 Crazy 8s Club Captions:

  • Let’s see…..32 times around my body, multiplied by 16 squares per rotation, equals Crazy8s Club! Hooray for fun Math! –Adrienne
  • How many squares of TP does it take to turn a girl into a mummy? –Suzanne
  • What a way to wrap up the math lesson! –Lezley
  • I don’t think this is what they meant when they asked us to calculate the surface area…. –Suzanne
  • We started with 1000 sheets, we have 400 left. How many have we used on the unsuspecting teacher? –Joanne
  • Seems like I got a little wrapped up in my studies at school today… –Alicia
  • “If we calculate the distance around, taking into consideration the height and weight…”-the next generation of mathematicians hard at work! –Tammy
  • Let the good time math roll! –Tanya

How would you caption this photo?

What is Crazy 8s?

Crazy 8s is an over-the-top after-school club designed to get kids excited about math. Clubs meet once a week for 8 weeks (4 weeks for preschool), where kids get the chance to build, run and jump, make music, make a mess… and build friendships at the same time.  Activities range from Bouncy Dice Explosion to Toilet Paper Olympics, all with the goal of making math fun.

Want to get involved?

As part of our nonprofit mission, Bedtime Math has created a free kit of materials and instructions that brings math to life. Nearly everything you need to start your own Crazy 8s Club is in the kit (supplies and easy-to-follow instructions for activities), and it’s easy to coach. Each kit is designed for 10-20 kids; just choose your age level (grades 3-5, K-2, or pre-K) and choose a location (schools, libraries or other after-school community programs). Crazy 8s Clubs are open to everyone; it’s time to make math club the cool thing to do after school!

Click here to learn more about Crazy 8s Club and get a kit to start your own club.

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