Ringmaster-ed Math Games

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Ringmaster-ed Math Games

October 1, 2014

Good things come in 3s: magic wishes, blind mice, and of course, the rings inside a giant circus tent. Well, here’s one more item to add to the list of terrific triplets: our new set of circus math games. So pop on your top-hat and get ready to crack the whip in case a lion gets out of line, because it’s time to enjoy some Ringmaster-ed Math.
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3 Silly Circus Math Games

Scaling Up

Double up on Midway games to add some new fun to old classics.

Tightrope Hop

Can you keep your balance – and your head – as a rope unravels right under your feet?

Just Between Us Elephants

There’s one star of the circus who doesn’t mind being paid in peanuts…as long as you can get him the proper volume in quick time!

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