The Cheesiest Game Ever

The Cheesiest Game Ever

September 3, 2014

There are days when we’re up for elaborate adventures and then there are days when we just need an excuse to be silly. I find that as summer winds down our need to be goofy is inversely proportional to the number of days left before our fall routine begins. It’s days like these when a game of Cheese Puff Toss is just what the doctor ordered.

We’ve played it before when the end of summer blues struck, and it seemed like the perfect time to don our shower caps again!

If you haven’t heard of or played the game before, you’re in for a cheesy treat. The goal of the game is to see how many cheese puffs you can land on a teammate’s head in a set amount of time. All you need to play is:

  • Shower caps
  • Shaving cream or spray whipped cream
  • Cheese puffs
  • Timer

If you have enough for teams, divide players into teams of two. Count the number of kids participating. Is it an even or odd number? If you have an odd number of players, one person can be the official timer.

Don’t have a big group of kids? No worries – this game is always fun. Bonus: you’ll probably have cheese puffs left over for snacking as a consolation prize!

Before you play, settle on a few rules.

How far away should the team stand from the target? Use a yard stick or a measuring tape to determine the ideal tossing distance. Find something from around the house to mark the spot, such as duct tape or a jump rope.

How much time should you have to toss the cheese puffs? Less than 3 minutes is ideal.

Pick one person to be the target. Should your target stand up or sit down?

Once you’ve agreed on the rules, you’re ready for the real fun! Start the timer. In the allotted time, pairs must get the shower cap on their teammate’s head, cover it with shaving or whipped cream, and begin tossing cheese puffs on to their teammate’s head from the marked spot. When the timer goes off, count up the cheese puffs on your teammate’s head. Teams get a point for every cheese puff that stuck to the cap.

While the competition might be fierce at the start, you’ll soon find everyone is laughing and having more fun with the silliness of the game than worrying about who wins or loses. They’ll definitely want to play again and again. As long as you have plenty of cheese puffs and cream to go around, you can just rinse off the shower caps and start all over again.

Cheese puffs are the perfect object to toss. They’re large enough to toss with some accuracy, but light enough to stick once they hit the shaving cream. What other objects (food or otherwise) share similar properties and might make fun game pieces? My kids came up with mini-marshmallows and packing peanuts.

If you manage to have any shaving cream left over, try one of our other fun activities on the Bedtime Math blog, such as homemade puffy paint or foam dough.

Do the cheese puffs leave you craving more math? Then you’ll definitely want to tear into this daily math problem from Bedtime Math!

Photo courtesy of Angie Six

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