‘Daily Routine’

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Yes, You’re Made of Water

May 14, 2019 4:00 pm


You might know how much you weigh, but do you know what makes up that weight? You may be surprised. Read on to do the body math on your goopy insides!

A New Way to Cut Your Food

May 8, 2019 4:00 pm


Whoever said you shouldn’t play with your food obviously didn’t know how to make cool, geometric designs with their fruits and veggies. Read on to chow down on some food math!

A Supremely Cheesy World Record

May 7, 2019 4:00 pm


You really need only 3 ingredients to make a tasty pizza: dough, sauce, and cheese. In fact, some pizzas are made with just crust and sauce (a tomato...

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The Banged-Up Car Wins the Race

May 1, 2019 4:00 pm


People will try all kinds of things to get more miles out of each tank of gas. Read on to see how the guys at Mysthbusters did the math and found out the latest, craziest way to get your car to go the extra mile!

The House That Could Fly

April 28, 2019 4:00 pm


These old vehicles take transforming to a whole new level! Read on to do the math on how old airplanes, boats, and trains have transformed into cool homes.

Quack If You Like Ducks

April 24, 2019 4:00 pm


Most of us, grown-ups included, can’t help but like bath toys. Having a rubber duck, boat, or other squirt toy bobbing up and down in the water has to make bathtime more fun. Click “Read More” to learn about the world record for biggest collection of rubber duck bath toys – and see how they add up!

Spoons with Style

April 19, 2019 4:00 pm


A plastic spoon can be used for more than just 1 thing. Read on to do the math and get the scoop on the many uses of plastic spoons!

A Prime Time to Rhyme

April 14, 2019 4:00 pm


April is Poetry Month, and while poetry is made of words, numbers rule their rhyming. It’s no easy job to rhyme, either, which is why we were amazed by New Orleans “sidewalk poet” Antoine. Click “Read More” to do the math and read the poem Antoine made for us!

You’ll Never Believe What Money Can Buy

April 13, 2019 4:00 pm


What’s the wackiest thing you can think of to buy? Read on to find out some pretty crazy things you can bid on, and see how they add up!

The Coolest Job in the World

April 11, 2019 4:00 pm


If you want a great job when you grow up, guess what: you could be an “ice cream taster.” With counting chocolate chips, and sampling a fraction of the cartons, there’s a ton of math in this tasty job! Read on to see just how much, and try it out for yourself.