Best of Bedtime Math: Pet Project

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Best of Bedtime Math: Pet Project

October 2, 2015

Pets: can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Whether it’s a rambunctious Rover, rascally rabbit, or regular old rock, we’re all fond of our non-human friends. Here are 13 of our favorite stories of pets acting like wild animals – we promise they won’t bring bad luck!

-A group of ferrets is called a “business,” and they definitely get up to some funny business while building airplanes.

-Speaking of silliness, did you know there’s a day just to celebrate dressing up your pets? Maybe you should protect your guinea pig with this real suit of armor.

-Of course, there are fewer things safer than the buddy system – which is why those guinea pigs are required by law to have friends in Switzerland!

-If you’ve never seen baby rabbits before, this is your chance to watch four of them grow up from day one! Once they grow up, those big bunny hoppers can be real showstoppers.

-Who says dogs and cats can’t get along? This tiger and Jack Russell Terrier prove that size difference can’t overcome the craving for cuddling.

-And maybe felines are friendlier than their reputation. After all, they’ve shown they can treat deer dearly, and share a bed – even with (hedge)hogs.

-But if you really want to know where you stand with a cat, just check which way their whiskers are pointing.

-We know dogs are man’s best friend, but which type of dog is the best best friend? Here are the most popular breeds around the world.

-You know a dog’s your pal when he’ll do yoga with you! Meet Pancho, the best-balanced Chihuahua around.

-Finally, this farmer doesn’t need a sheepdog, because he can send hundreds of ducks in any direction he wishes, using only his voice!

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