Best of Bedtime Math: World Record for Weird

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Best of Bedtime Math: World Record for Weird

June 25, 2015

Summer can be fun, of course, but it can also be stressful with zero school requirements or anything else to keep your kid busy. If you’re finding that there is such a thing as too much free time, why not challenge your young ones to break some odd world records? Here are some of our favorites:

-If your kid’s turning into an airhead, let them empty some of that CO2 into 80,000 balloons to build the world’s biggest balloon sculpture!

-Why do a pie-eating contest when you could be pi-speaking? It will only take memorizing about 70,000 digits to know Pi better than anyone else.

-If you have or can borrow a dog, give that pooch a scooter and see if they can roll into the record books! And be sure to reward that fleet-footed fur ball with the world’s largest doggie treat.

-Stuck inside on a rainy day? You can try building the world’s largest house of cards. Or if you’re the type who’d rather see the cards topple, popping the most bubble wrap is sure to be a blast!

-We play with our hair all the time anyway, so grab the glue and see if you can spike your way up to the world’s tallest mohawk. Just be careful not to wreck your rad ‘do by taking a swim with the world’s largest rubber duck collection.

-Finally, see how fast your fingers can fly on a phone. You’ll have to tap out 264 words in less than a minute!

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