Best of Bedtime Math: Road Tripping, and Slipping

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Best of Bedtime Math: Road Tripping, and Slipping

June 4, 2015

Summertime has been on our minds for a while, and now the weather is finally matching the mood! To kick off the season of popsicles and pools, we’re highlighting some of our favorite summer-themed Bedtime Math problems.

We all take trips during the summer, whether it’s over state lines or just to the library for a nice stack of books. But those journeys don’t always go smoothly. Hopefully your trails are happier than the treks and tribulations of these folks (and critters), who star in our first round-up of the summer:

-If you’ve ever lost luggage during a flight, there’s one store in Alabama that wants to sell your suitcases back to you.

-On the other hand, sometimes an airline messing up works out in your favor, like this 2-hour sale where tickets were going for free-99.

-We all lose track of the time, but one woman fell asleep so long she ended up making an accidental return trip. 18 hours in the air, without moving an inch.

-People make mistakes on the road too. Watch these drivers forget how tall their trucks are – they’re one group who really wishes they could raise the roof.

-Cold-blooded animals can’t help loving warm engines. This personable python took a trip around the neighborhood, underneath the hood.

-Surprise! That snake actually makes a much better copilot than this disobedient hamster.

-Who cares if you missed your exit? All you need to be knowing is that the road is glowing!

-Finally, we can do foolish things on our own two feet – no vehicle required! When a woman just can’t take her eyes off her phone, she ends up taking an embarrassing fully clothed bath in a fountain.


And if you want some fun Bedtime Math games for any car rides in your future, check out our Math on the Go PDF!

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