Best of Bedtime Math: A Playful Food Mood

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Best of Bedtime Math: A Playful Food Mood

June 18, 2015

Summer doesn’t just mean snacking on fresh fruit at the playground, it also means that food can be a playground! Here are some of our favorite Bedtime Math problems about food foolery:

-If you slice fruit the right way, or arrange it into 200 different patterns, you can end up with fine art!

-But even regular citrus has awesome math hiding inside it. Learn the juicy secret to predicting the number of segments inside any orange.

-For the more mischievous, here’s an ice-cold prank that will make your friend’s breakfast cereal tough to break into fast.

-One sure way to cut down your screen time – toss that smartphone into a cake and bake it. (No comment on whether this idea is more or less smart than your phone).

-We’re not sure if the sidewalk is hot enough to fry an egg, but this formidable flashlight sure can scramble some yolks!

-A frozen candy dispenser. It’s real. It’s glorious. It’s exactly what you need for those boiling afternoons and evenings.

-With all the free time of summer, you might start pondering some food truths. Consider the smoothie in this closer look at familiar foods.

-Carrots are high in Vitamin A, but they can also hit the high C. Turnip the beet with these wild veggie instruments!

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