Bedtime Math for Educators

Bedtime Math for Educators

Let’s show kids that math can be fun outside school – that it’s a part of regular life. And parents can help teachers do their job by keeping the learning going at home!

As part of our White House Early STEM Symposium commitment announced this year, teachers from across the country will introduce Bedtime Math to families at parent-teacher conferences this fall. 19 school districts in 6 regions, from New York City to Ventura County, are participating in the initiative this fall, reaching literally hundreds of thousands of kids.

  • Great Lakes Bay Region, Michigan
    • Bay City Public Schools
    • Birch Run Area Schools
    • Carrollton Public Schools
    • Midland Public Schools
    • Mount Pleasant Public Schools
  • Minnesota
    • Fridley Public Schools
  • New Jersey
    • Great Meadows Public Schools
    • Hackettstown Public Schools
    • Newark Public Schools
    • Trenton Public Schools
  • New York City Public Schools
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma Region
    • Sand Springs Public Schools
    • Union Public Schools
  • Ventura County, California
    • Briggs Public Schools
    • Hueneme Public Schools
    • Mesa Union Public Schools
    • Mupu Public Schools
    • Rio Public Schools
    • Somis Public Schools

Read our full White House Early STEM Math Commitment here.
Read the full press release here.

Whether or not your school is part of our White House initiative, any educator can play a role in changing family culture around math. Here’s how:

  • Tell your students’ families about our wacky nightly math problems. This is a great parent-engagement activity that can be part of any home routine: dinnertime, bathtime, breakfast time. Some ideas:
    • Download our parent flyer and share it in your next parent newsletter! [in English] [en español]
    • Share this ready-made presentation at your next Back-to-School Night, Family Math Night, or other family gathering
    • Share our app video with parents for a quick demonstration of how to use the Bedtime Math app.
  • Please do not do Bedtime Math in class or assign it as homework! It’s essential to our movement that kids see Bedtime Math as a “home thing,” not a “school thing.”
  • To bring fun math to your school, check out Crazy 8s, our hands-on after-school math club!

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